Blocks IV and V

  • >4,100km of 2D Seismic
  • Full coverage 2-4km grid surface gravity surveys; 11,000km2 of Full Tensor Gravity (FTG) + High Resolution Aero-Magnetic (HRAM) surveys; 500m flight-line spacing
  • 2 Deep (~1,500m) continuous stratigraphic cores with proof of working petroleum systems (fluid inclusions & oil staining)
  • 2 Shallow (250m) continuous oil shale scoping cores; world class oil shale resource potential
  • 1,500 outcrop and borehole samples characterizing pervasive, rich source rocks; high porosity reservoir units; age and thermal maturity
  • 11 frontier sub-basins identified (~15,000km2) with a wide ranging lead portfolio and 4 key sub-basins with target scale 2D seismic grids and drillable prospects
  • Basin opener wildcat drilling to commence during the 2018 season