Health, Safety, Security and Environment

Petro Matad remains demonstrably committed to best practices in health, safety, security and environment management for the benefit of all stakeholders. Petro Matad’s assets are located in remote frontier locations of Mongolia. In this operating environment, it is essential to have fit for purpose HSSE support to be able to operate safely and with minimum impact on the environment. Safety of our people, our communities and the environment is our priority on all our activities. Petro Matad cultivates and implements a safety and environmental awareness culture not only within the Company but with the contractors involved with our projects and activities


HSSE Policies

Petro Matad has established and maintains documented HSSE policies which are central in guiding all our activities. These policies are appropriate to the nature and scale of Petro Matad Group’s health, safety, security and environment hazards. Our policies include explicit commitments to operate in a way which is proactive in continual improvement in HSSE management performance particularly in the prevention of injury, maintaining good health of all people who may be affected by our activities, minimising waste and prevention of pollution. We are also committed to comply with applicable legal requirements and strive to implement relevant industry best practices in all our activities. Our policies provide the framework for setting and reviewing HSSE objectives and is actively communicated to all persons working under the control of the organization with the intent that they use the principles of the policy to guide all decision making.


Petro Matad HSSE Policy


HSSE Management System

To implement the commitments of our HSSE policies, Petro Matad has established and maintains a standards based HSSE Management System (MS) and is structured according to International Oil and Gas Producers Association’s (IOGP) 511 Operational Management System Guidelines.


The HSSE MS is designed to provide practical and real time support for our operations by enabling quick and reliable access to Mongolian legislations and industry standards. The HSSE MS is explicitly aligned with ISO14001 Environmental Management System Guidelines, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Guidelines, the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) and American Petroleum Institute (API) guidance where appropriate.


Structure of Petro Matad’s HSSE Management System

Clear definition of standards, competence assurance, efficient and open communication and record keeping lies at the heart of our HSSE MS. The HSSE MS emphasize on quality assurance in communications, asset integrity and both generic task and project workplace specific competence in all activities. Tools such as Bow Tie XP are used to ensure that risk management is both proactive, and effective with demonstrably efficient communication to all stakeholders in a way appropriate to their needs.



Petro Matad is committed to support the building of industry capacity for Oil and Gas Exploration in Mongolia. We manage our seismic, drilling and other field based exploration operations using IOGP 423 Contracting Model Guidelines and work with all successful contractors to ensure that our HSSE standards are maintained. Seismic programmes operate under the minimum requirements of IOGP 432 Managing HSE In A Geophysical Contract and drilling programmes to the IADC HSE Land Drilling Case. The final report and HSSE management review of all projects is seen as central to organizational learning and continual improvement.


We operate a proactive HSSE observation programme not only to identify unsafe acts and conditions but also to identify best practice in all our operations. Information from the observation programmes is actively combined with monitoring and learnings from incidents. The process ensures effective quick corrective actions are taken as well as root cause preventative measures are identified. All incidents are investigated, recorded and classified according to IOGP guidelines and learnings are shared through the management review process.


Commitment to Environment

We address environment protection proactively through all of our operations. We serve to update our Environmental Management Plan with site monitoring prior to the commencement of any field programmes to implement the recommendations of the Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment. Detailed environmental and cultural sensitivity field studies by specialist consultants have been commissioned in our areas of operations to ensure legal compliance when working near protected areas and also to minimize all adverse environmental impacts. The results of these studies were used to finalise the operational environmental management plan which included an interactive constraints map. In areas of potential sensitivity, the sites are revisited and surveyed to manage any potential environmental, archaeological or cultural conflicts. These visits involve environmental and cultural specialists, together with local environmental inspectors and a senior member of our operations team.  We strive to remediate all operational areas where necessary.