E-Communications for Shareholders

The AIM Rules provide all AIM companies with the option to satisfy the requirement to send certain documents (including the annual audited accounts) to shareholders by electronic communication.


At the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 22 December 2010 a special resolution by the shareholders was passed to:

(a)      amend the Articles to allow for the Company’s annual accounts to be sent electronically to members in certain circumstances or made available on the Company’s website; and

(b)      clarify the electronic notice provisions by stating that any notice, document or information is validly sent or supplied by the Company if it is made available on the Company’s website.


Under the AIM Rules, the Company cannot use electronic communications (including by means of the Company’s website) for certain documents unless a shareholder has either (i) given individual consent or (ii) having been contacted in writing to request such consent, has not objected within 28 days, in which event their consent can be deemed to have been given.


We have contacted shareholders individually in this regard.  Where consent is given or deemed given, a shareholder will be contacted to alert them to the publication of certain documents on the Company’s website. A shareholder, may if he or she so wishes, continue to receive Company communications in hard copy form. Moreover, a shareholder may, in relation to a particular communication, request a hard copy form of that communication.


Receive email notification when your shareholder communications become available online

If you are a shareholder, we encourage you to play your part in reducing our impact on the environment and elect to be notified by e-mail when your shareholder communications are available online. This means you will now receive timely, cost-effective, and greener online annual reports (and other communications when they become available) unless you request a printed copy.


By providing your e-mail address you will no longer receive paper copies of annual reports or any other shareholder communications that are available electronically. Instead you will receive e-mails advising you when and how to access documents online.


To register your e-mail address, please follow the steps below:

Step 1
Step 2

Click ‘Change’ in the top right hand corner as seen below.


Step 3

For Petro Matad Limited, shareholders will need to change the country to Channel Islands / English from the drop down menu as seen below .


Step 4

Register your details and submit your e-mail address.