Petro Matad is a young company, operating in a rapidly emerging economy. Our dynamic growth is supported by our emphasis on recognizing and developing young Mongolian talents whilst promoting multiculturalism in our dynamic workforce which comprises of individuals from America, UK, Canada, Italy, Norway and France with majority being Mongolians.


We are always looking to hire highly qualified, motivated and dedicated employees to grow and develop with us in this exciting market of Mongolia.



*Although there are currently no open positions posted, we welcome introductions to take into consideration.


Materials Required to be Submitted

First impressions matter! Your job application is your business card and is critical to a successful application.


If you want to apply, we prefer applications via our application form. This is less costly for you and saves us a great deal of work.


Please download and fill in the application form in either Mongolian or English.


In addition to the application form, please provide us the following documents:

  • Cover letter
  • CV/Resume
  • Reference or recommendation letters from previous employers
  • A copy of all Diplomas and Certificates (Notarized)
  • A copy of ID (Notarized)
  • A copy of Social and Health Insurance Books (Notarized), if available
  • 2 passport photos


Cover Letter

Get us interested! In your cover letter you should state your reasons for choosing us as potential employer. Please also specify either the position advertised or, which occupation you would like to explore and when you hope to start.


Short curriculum vitae/resume

Please supply us with a brief overview of the most important facts about you. This should include your education, work experience and other skills.


Apart from your school or professional achievements, we are also interested in your other interests and activities, e.g. part-time jobs, time spent abroad, memberships of clubs and associations, honorary posts and other skills and areas of knowledge (e.g. PC experience, languages).


Please submit your full application to


You can also forward your application in writing to the following address:

Suite 508, Blue Sky Tower
Peace Avenue 17
Ulaanbaatar 14240
Tel: + 976 7014 1099


Recruitment Practices of Petro Matad

Petro Matad ensures fair and transparent recruitment practices where all applicants are provided with equal opportunities.


All vacancies at Petro Matad may be advertised on newspapers, or through employment agencies. The recruitment process includes initial screening of applications and selection of candidates for interviews. The interview process itself consists of two rounds; references are also obtained to assist in the final decision.